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At Blincks, we offer unique web development services tailored to your business needs. Our focus on best practices drives impressive results, captivating your audience and boosting engagements.

Beautiful Designs

Responsive Layouts

SEO Optimized

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WordPress Websites

Build website with widely used web development tool - WordPress

We develop WordPress websites, keeping in view its usability worldwide. Using WordPress, you can even update website by yourself without coding skills.

Instead, you can consider our WordPress Management service which let your free from all hustles.

Checkout some of the statistics about WordPress below:

Websites Worldwide
43.1 %
CMS Market Share
63.1 %
Page Views / month
20 B
Responsive Website Design
Unique Web Design

Stand out with unique and Custom website designs

Get a one-of-a-kind website design that perfectly matches your business. We’ll customize themes and plugins to give your website the functionalities you desire.

Responsive Layouts

Seamless user experience across devices.

With 60.66% of website visitors using mobile devices worldwide, we prioritize mobile-friendly design, following a mobile-first approach.

Responsive Website Design
SEO Optimized

Stay ahead of competition with SEO optimized website

Experience website development that goes beyond aesthetics. We create websites that attract organic traffic, increase visibility, and drive meaningful conversions.

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Website Features

Every website includes these features

to make your digital presence a great success.

Elegant Design

Elegant and stylish web design that elevates your brand.

Fast Loading

Speed optimized website loading around 2s, satisfying Core Web Vitals.

Easy Customizations

A person without coding skills can update the website even.


User Friendly

Intuitive interfaces that make browsing your website a breeze.

SSL Certificate

Trustworthy websites with secure connections and data protection.

Malware Protection

Advanced security measures that shield website from malicious attacks.

Analytics & Reports

In-depth insights and analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.


Training and Support

Expert guidance and support to assist in managing your website.

Our Working Process

Let's work together and create an amazing website that makes your business stand out from the crowd!

Uncovering Your Vision, Exploring Your Business and its Potential

At Blincks, we start every web project with the Discovery phase. We talk to you through email or virtual meetings to learn important things. This helps us understand what you want and who your website is for.

Our skilled designers and developers work with you to gather information and requirements. This helps us understand your business. We research and brainstorm to find the best ways to make a website that shows your brand and interests your visitors

Transforming Ideas into a Stunning Website

After finishing the Discovery phase, we move to Development. This is where the real work starts. Our experts create the structure and design of your website using the latest technologies.

We use flexible methods to develop your site, making it easy to make changes and improvements. We make sure the website looks great and works well for users. Our goal is to match your objectives.

Seamless Website Delivery and Quality Assurance

After Development, we reach the important Delivery stage. We test your website on different devices and browsers to make sure everything works perfectly.

We keep you informed and ask for your thoughts during this stage. This teamwork guarantees your vision comes true and the final website is even better than you hoped. At Blincks, we promise to give you a top-notch website that boosts your online presence.

Unveiling the Website to the World

It’s the big moment we’ve been waiting for – the Launch! We’re excited to guide your website from development to going live. Our experts handle everything, making sure your website goes live without any problems.

Even after the launch, we’re here to help. We’ll keep your website running smoothly and provide support. With Blincks, you can proudly show your website to the world, knowing we’re here to support your success.

Our Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help address any questions or concerns you may have.

The price of our WordPress web development service is determined based on the specific needs and requirements of your website. Factors that influence the pricing include the size and complexity of your website, the number of plugins and themes used, and the level of ongoing maintenance and support you require.

Therefore, we offer personalized consultations to assess your website’s current state and discuss your goals and preferences. Following the consultation, we will provide you with a detailed and transparent pricing quote that aligns with the services you need.

It’s depend upon the size of website and how soon you provide the information that is required for building website. Usually it takes 1 – 3 months but we take into account the time limits as well. In case of urgency, we can build your website in shortest possible time.

You can click on “Get Started” button anywhere in this website. Using that contact form, you can describe your project. Alternatively you can write to us directly using email [email protected] .

All websites use WordPress for website development which is easy to use and have lot of customizations options. 

We can work with any theme and any page builder available like Elementor, WP Bakery, DIVI builder, Oxygen, etc. But Elementor Pro is our first choice for building websites. 

We are comfortable in meeting virtually via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

We love to discuss your project while in virtual meeting. It makes us better understand your needs and also it can boost the project turnaround time.

Let us turn your vision into a stunning website !

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